Looking for some tropical fun in the sun but don't know where to go? Relax, mon! We've got you covered. Luckily Reggae Guy has done some traveling, and he has recommended a few hot spots where you can get your groove on. So get out there, bring your Reggae Wines, and have the time of your life.


1. The Florida Keys

You don't need a passport or an airplane ticket to vacation in America's Caribbean! The Florida Keys are the inspiration for Reggae Wines. See where it all started! Endless miles of blue green ocean provide you with plenty of of opportunities to relax and forget all of your worries. Attractions include the only living coral reef in the United States, shipwrecks, and schools of brightly colored (and large) fish. Snorkel, dive, or sit your happy self self down on the beach with a bottle of Reggae, this is a destination that has you name written all over it. Don't forget to take your picture at the southernmost point of the continental United States!

2. Jamaica

When you think Reggae, you think Jamaica! Hang out at the Bob Marley Center when you aren't busy lounging around catching some rays on the beach. Are you a foodie? Take advantage of authentic Jamaican cuisine. Smoked pork and chicken dripping in jerk seasoning sounds too good to pass up. Pair it with some Reggae Wines, and you will make paradise twice as nice. You might even pick up a sweet Jamaican accent, mon.

3. The Bahamas

Grab your passport, buy your plane ticket, and get ready to spend your hard earned vacation on a sandy white beach with blue water splashing the shore for miles. If you don't want to stray far from a big city, stay at Nassau, the capital, where you get your share of beach scenery and the city modernity. Prefer to disappear off the map? The Bahamas also boast 28 other islands to choose from.

4. Bora Bora

Two words: water bungalow. One Google image search of Bora Bora will leave you wanting for more. Who knew water could be so clear and blue? If you and your sweetie were looking for a romantic getaway, this would be it. You might never want to come back, that is until you run out of Reggae wine of course.

5. Hawaii

This destination is probably the one most Americans dream about going to. The only difficult decision about the trip would be choosing which island to visit! Oahu, one of the beautiful islands, is home to the state's capital and Pearl Harbor and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This would be a great opportunity to hike the many lush trails and learn how to surf!